The Top 8 Features of Microsoft Edge Make It the Greatest Gaming Browser

Microsoft Edge is jammed with features that make it a must-have for any gamer.

Microsoft Edge is continually advancing and reshaping the gaming experience for users globally. With features like Efficiency Mode, Clarity Boost, and other gamer-oriented functionalities, Edge is establishing itself as a leading gaming browser, offering enhanced gaming and browsing experiences.

1. Efficiency Mode

Edge's Efficiency Mode not only extends laptop battery life but also optimizes PC gaming performance on Windows 10 and 11. By reallocating Edge's resources between tabs and reducing background tab consumption, it enhances gaming without compromising browsing capabilities. Users can find this feature in Settings and toggle it on or off.


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2. Microsoft Edge Clarity Boost

Specifically designed for Xbox Cloud Gaming enthusiasts, Clarity Boost, available only in Microsoft Edge, enhances the graphics of Xbox Cloud Gaming titles. By matching the DPI scale of the Edge window, it sharpens video streams and game graphics. Unlike Efficiency Mode, users need to launch a game with their Xbox account to access and enable Clarity Boost.

3. Dedicated Gaming Homepage

Edge introduces a Gaming Homepage that caters to gamers' interests, featuring live streams, E-sport tournament scores, tournament sign-ups, game highlights, and more. Users can log into their Xbox accounts to earn Microsoft Rewards through daily challenges and manage various gaming-related activities.

4.  Microsoft Edge Gaming Themes

Gaming-themed visual experiences are brought to Microsoft Edge through various themes, allowing users to personalize their browsers with designs inspired by popular games like Minecraft, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, or Sea of Thieves.

5. Microsoft Edge Games Menu

For casual gaming breaks, Microsoft Edge offers a Games menu in the sidebar, featuring free games like Microsoft Solitaire and Microsoft Bubble, along with third-party titles. These games open in the sidebar, allowing users to play while browsing without the need for downloads.

6. Microsoft Edge Surf

Similar to Google Chrome's Dinosaur Game, Microsoft Edge has its built-in browser game called Microsoft Edge Surf. Players can enjoy surfing, visiting islands, and avoiding obstacles, with various game modes like Endless mode, Time Trials mode, and Zig Zag mode.

7. Gamer-Specific Sidebar Apps

Edge's versatile Sidebar eliminates the need to switch between tabs and external applications for popular gaming sites like Twitch and Discord. Users can directly access these services within the sidebar, ensuring a seamless browsing experience while staying connected to gaming communities.

8. Music Streaming on the Microsoft Edge Sidebar

Recognizing the common practice of gaming with background music, Microsoft Edge integrates popular music streaming services like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music into the Sidebar, simplifying the process for users.

Microsoft Edge is a preferred choice for gamers, offering service integrations, resource efficiency, user-centric design, and extensive customization options. Its focus on gaming features positions it as a strong competitor to other highly-rated gaming browsers, such as Opera GX.


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