The upcoming weekend marks a significant event for fans of Modern Warfare 2

It will be the game's first double XP weekend in over a month.

Prepare yourselves, Call of Duty enthusiasts, as an exciting opportunity awaits to complete battle passes and level up neglected weapons.

The highly-anticipated double XP weekend for Modern Warfare 2 has been officially announced. Starting this Friday, May 26, and continuing throughout the Memorial Day weekend in the United States, players can indulge in thrilling gaming sessions once their barbecue parties conclude.


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"It's not just a regular flashbang 
You won't be witnessing two identical things Delight in double the player, weapon, and Battle Pass experience points from Friday, May 26 (10 AM PT) to Tuesday, May 30 (10 AM PT) "

Posted on Twitter by Call of Duty

Since the end of April, there hasn't been a weekend in Call of Duty (CoD) where players could earn double XP. While PlayStation players had an additional day of double XP starting from April 20, this bonus ended on April 24. As a result, it has been a few weeks since players had any extra motivation to play online.

During this upcoming weekend, the XP boost will amplify the gains for player XP, weapon XP, and battle pass XP in Call of Duty. As a result, the Shipment 24/7 playlist is anticipated to be bustling with players working hard to catch up on their progress in season three.

Since season four is still a few weeks away, there is a possibility that fans might enjoy another double XP weekend before its launch. The new season is scheduled to commence on June 14, so the last double XP weekend could potentially start on June 9.

The forthcoming double XP weekend will be active from Friday, May 26 at 12pm CT until Tuesday, May 30 at 12pm CT.