VALORANT Skins That Amazed Us in 2023

Check to see if the VALORANT skins you love most from 2023 are among the greatest Riot Games has published all year long!

In 2023, VALORANT experienced an outstanding year with notable additions to its esports scene and in-game content. New maps, Agents, and continuous game tweaks kept the community engaged, but the highlight was the introduction of various weapon skins. Here are the top five VALORANT weapon skin sets released in 2023:



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5) Oni 2.0

(Image via Riot Games)

  •    The second iteration of the Oni skinline.
  •    Highly anticipated, especially for its Vandal and Katana melee.
  •    Received enthusiastic reception from the VALORANT community.

4) Overdrive

  •    Released late in the year but quickly established itself as one of the best skins.
  •    Features a lightning-like aesthetic with vibrant colour variants.
  •    Notable for its impressive Gun Buddy and overall flashy accessories.

3) Imperium

(Image via Riot Games)

  •    Described as "regal" with a sleek design.
  •    Beautiful colour variants and perfect effects.
  •    Intense sound effects and a dragon finisher add to its appeal.

2) Champions 2023

(Image via Riot Games)

  •    Annual bundle with top-notch design and a smaller collection.
  •    Proceeds contribute to championship tournament teams.
  •    Includes the exceptional Vandal and Kunai melee.

1) Radiant Entertainment System

(Image via Riot Games)

  •    The most ambitious and expensive skin bundle in VALORANT.
  •    Four weapons and melee, each with three game-inspired designs.
  •    Offers accessories for all three games with no additional purchase, making it the best VALORANT skin set of 2023.