WAIT IS OVER! Call of Duty Mobile Season 1 2024 Update is Released

Activision has deployed a new update: Call of Duty Mobile's season 1 2024.

WAIT IS OVER! One of the most anticipated update: Call of Duty Mobile's season 1 2024 is live. The update has brought a Chinese New Year content theme and Year of the Dragon infused with a twist. The new season is called COD: Mobile Season 1 - Soldier's Tale. Here is how to download the new update on Android and iOS.

Download Link for COD: Mobile Season 1 2024 Update

Now that the update is accessible, players have two primary options for downloading: utilizing third-party APK links or opting for the official links provided by the respective app stores.


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COD: Mobile APK Download Link (Unofficial)  


Official Links 

For a secure and reliable update, it is highly recommended to use the official links provided by the respective app stores:

Android Update Link


iOS Update Link


Although the allure of quicker downloads from third-party sources may be tempting, it is crucial to approach this option with caution. The use of unofficial APK files poses potential risks, including security threats, malware, and potential compromise of the game's integrity. We strongly discourage the use of third-party APK links, as they may jeopardize the safety and stability of your gaming experience.

What's New in Season 1 (2024) of CODM?

The Claw perk has received a nerf with a reduced duration. The FFAR sees a buff in damage multiplier but a decrease in range to maintain balance. This season appears to continue the trend of buffs across various categories based on changes observed in the test server. Numerous weapons, such as the UL 736 LMG, will undergo buffs and transition into the meta.

New Atrium Map Introduces Intense Gunfight Matches

The Atrium map offers intense and fast-paced combat by condensing Gunfight matches into extremely close quarters. Set within a charming palace courtyard featuring a central fountain, Atrium stands out as one of the smallest maps designed specifically for Gunfight. Its confined spaces and obstructed sightlines necessitate quick, decisive movements, ensuring nonstop action for players.

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