Warzone bans one of the annoying Gameplay Feature of the game

A sense of happiness witnessed noticed among the players and users of Warfare as the developers have removes one of the annoying and disturbing parts of the game.

There has been a major sigh of relief for users of Warzone as before they were heading for the squad matches.

It was quite a sigh of relief as they heard the news that the most annoying cluster mine and bomb drone have been removed from the restricted gameplay both won't drop the items as they have been now replaced as now the cluster mine has been replaced by the revive pistols at the stations.


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Major ranked players were aware of are was majorly familiar with the bomb drone a portable drown attached with an explosion effect in the drone.

Whereas same can be said about the which is also now a placeable streak among the player which enjoyed using it although there has been a possibility that they haven't been removed permanently and might be noticed in a further major update of it within a big patch note.

As the Treyarch studios have tweeted regarding the issue saying that “restrictions have been updated to include cluster mine and bomb drone although both kill streaks will no longer drop from loot containers and the revive pistol will to replace the cluster mine at the stations.

As the new patch notes of war zone also claim that Warzone is a multi-team and competitive game currently and these changes will help provide these changes have been done on the basics of the data and feedback which should have been done earlier enough by the organization although these changes may return after there is a balance among the game for improvements. 

Even further the new competitive mode of the game has also even restricted many other items like riot shield and also changes have been maintained till now from normal Battle Royal Mode which also now includes players having a minimum level of 45 before they can be accessed as a ranked player within the game.

Warzone as a beta version is still now also even in the room for improvements which will also change over time as expected by the organization and now there is hope that there might be better updates of patch notes like the current patch note from developers.