World Esports Cup (WEC) 2021: India Today Gaming signs up Infinix Mobile as the title sponsor

Infinix Mobile is back as the title sponsor for the upcoming esports tournament from India Today Gaming, World Esports Cup (WEC) 2021. The company is all in to support the gaming community in India and beyond.

India Today Gaming has just signed up Infinix Mobile as the title sponsor for its upcoming flagship esports tournament, World Esports Cup. The gaming and esports division of India Today Group first signed up the smartphone giant for its pan-India level tournament, ESports Premier League (ESPL) at the start of the year. Now, WEC takes things to the next level with a push to serve the gaming community in the South Asian subcontinent.

World Esports Cup (WEC) is an international-level Free Fire esports tournament between the top teams from India, Pakistan, and Nepal. In addition to offering an international stage for teams to represent their country, the tournament also features a total prize pool of Rs. 75 lakhs. The tournament is open-for-all which means that there is no limitation on who can participate in the tournament.

WEC will take place in multiple stages including the qualifiers, the group stage, country-specific finals, and the grand finals. These stages will include thousands of matches and hundreds of streaming hours spread over more than a month of streaming. India Today Gaming will live stream the tournament in four languages including English, Hindi, Urdu, and Nepali across multiple channels on YouTube and Facebook.

Free Fire fans can catch the stream on the official handles of India Today Gaming, India Today, and A India Today Gaming will start the registrations for WEC from the second week of October 2021 with Grand Finals scheduled for the end of December 2021.