India Today Gaming: 1v1 with Arnold Su, Business Head, Consumer & Gaming PC at Asus India

In this conversation, we talked about all the programs that Asus ROG has recently launched to help the eSports community. Arnold also outlines his efforts to ensure that India gets the latest products as soon as possible.

Welcome back to a new edition of 1v1 with India Today Gaming. Today, we got a chance to discuss the state of eSports in India with Arnold Su, Business Head for the Consumer & Gaming PC segment at Asus India. We spoke about everything that the company is doing to help the eSports industry along with several recently announced programs. Su shared his opinion on how the company can push things forward along with the path forward. We also spoke about the response that the company has received from eSports fans about its programs like ROG Academy, and more here.

In addition to ROG Academy, we also discussed ROG Showdown, and ROG Master programs that Asus recently announced. Su also spoke about the reasons why eSports is still on its way to become a major, mainstream industry in the Indian market. Besides, we also discussed how the rise of the eSports industry will likely increase career opportunities for eSports fans.

During the discussion, we also touched on the topic of required leg-work from other stake-holders to promote eSports. This includes the government, other eSports organizers, ISPs, game developers, and hardware makers. Arnold focused on what Asus can do and how he hopes things to transform with time. He also admitted that the state of eSports is in its infancy when compared to other countries like China, the USA, and more.

We also spoke about the arrival of new Asus hardware in the Indian market like ROG gaming laptops, PCs, and more. Su reiterated that India is a very important market for the company. The company is doing its best to ensure that it can bring the latest hardware to the market as soon as possible. You can watch the video interview in the video embedded above to the complete discussion. It is worth noting that Arnold Su has worked with Asus in the Indian market for more than 9 years. He started as a branch head for Pune back in 2012 and has worked in Chennai before shifting to the country HQ in Mumbai.