BGMI: All Stars Invitational esports LAN event Day 1 results out, the game gets a new character and more

Different teams won the five matches on Day 1 of the All Star Invitational LAN tournament. Let's check everything else you need to know about Day 1 of the Invitational esports LAN event for BGMI and Asphalt here.

All Star Invitational esports LAN event kicked off on April 26 as 16 of the best BGMI teams from across the country competed in 5 matches on Day 1. The day ended with Team Solomid (TSM FTX) going to the top of the leaderboard with 37 eliminations, 30 place points, and a total of 67 points. Team XO were runner-ups for the day as they earned 60 points through 23 finishes and 37 place points. Revenant Esports stands third on the leaderboard at the end of Day 1. They had the highest place points (40) for the day but could only manage 16 kills bringing their total tally to 56. Hyderabad Hydras, the first ESPL franchise team stood in the seventh spot with 13 elimination points and 24 place points to get a total of 37 points. Let's check everything else you need to know about the Day 1 of All Stars Invitational esports LAN event for BGMI and Asphalt.

All Star Invitational esports LAN tournament; Day 1 results and final points table

Different teams won all five matches on Day 1 of the All Star Invitational LAN tournament. Skylightz Gaming grabbed the first win of the tournament and finished in the fourth spot. Team 8bit showed signs of recovery after a poor run in the first four games as they won the last game against Skylightz Gaming with 10 finishes in that game itself. However, the highlight of the day was Team Solomid’s intense win against fifth-placed Enigma Gaming. Team Solomid was up against Enigma in a 4v2 situation and TSM FTX's ‘Ninja Jod’ won the 'chicken dinner'. Here are the rankings from All Stars Invitational Day 1:

Battlegrounds Mobile India announces new character and voice pack

In the meantime, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) publisher Krafton also released some important updates for the game. As part of the new content update, BGMI will receive a new character soon. The BGMI official Instagram account announced the new character ‘Victor’ in a post on Sunday, April 24, 2022. Krafton also announced a new Special Ghatak Voice Pack along with a basic Ghatak Voice Pack. The voice pack will allow players to use voice lines and commands that Ghatak recorded. For the people unaware, Ghatak is a well-known gamer in India who started his professional career with PUBG Mobile. Ghatak is currently the coach of GodLike Esports team, one of the 16 BGMI teams currently competing in the All Stars Invitation esports LAN event at the time of writing.

BGMI has already rolled out in-game voice packs for other gamers such as Jonathan, Snax, and Payal Gaming among others. In addition, BGMI also shared its weekly “Sanctions Against Cheaters” report outlining its efforts in making the game a fair experience for gamers.  As part of the report, the company permanently banned 51,853 accounts for cheating in the battle royale smartphone game. The current list mentions all the players that got banned between April 18 to April 24.