ESports Premier League (ESPL) 2021: Less than 2 weeks to go, registration open now

ESPL 2021 will be exclusively conducted on India Today Gaming's in-house eSports platform starting from registration to the final results. Let's check all the details around ESports Premier League 2021 here.

On May 14th, 2021, India Today Gaming the gaming and esports division of India Today announced Esports Premier League (ESPL) 2021. ESPL 2021 is three months long intense esports event featuring the smartphone title Free Fire.  It is a multi-city tournament representing eight cities across the country that includes Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Bangalore.

Esports Premier League 2021 has a total prize pool of Rs 25 lakhs. The prize pool will be distributed among the top 8 teams of the finals. Besides this, India Today Gaming will also give Rs. 30,000 prize to the Most Valuable Player and Fan Favorite player from the finals. The event will be exclusively conducted on India Today Gaming's in-house eSports platform starting from registration to the final results.


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ESPL 2021 is divided into 4 phases. The first phase will be for the amateur and semi-professional teams, a total of 88 teams will qualify through the 2nd phase. 8 invited teams will be joining the phase 1 qualified teams. The teams qualifying in the next phase will represent the 8 cities as mentioned above. Phase 4 will have the top 8 teams from the country who will compete for the glory and prize pool.

ESports Premier League (ESPL) 2021 Rules

To keep the ESPL 2021 event fair for all the players, India Today Gaming announced a set of rules that will be followed throughout the event. The teams or players violating any rules in the event will be banned by the organizers. Here is the list of rules that you need to keep in mind while participating in the event.

Player restrictions

  • A player is only allowed to compete for one team during the tournament.
  • Every Member/Player in a team must have their Free Fire account.
  • A Player must be 16-year-old to participate in this tournament.
  • A Player must be an Indian resident.

The match could restart in the following conditions if the game is in the starting process:

  • If 50% of players in the lobby are not making it into the game.
  • If all players are marked as “#unknown”
  • If the game is being broadcasted and the caster or observer in the lobby does not make it into the game.
  • If the Game host doesn’t make it into the game.
  • All the reasons above can be overruled by the Game host, Match Admin, or Tournament Officials if he/she sees fit for the situation in question.

The set of rules provided by the organizers is huge. You can visit their website to know the complete information regarding the event.