Nvidia DLSS support comes to Crysis Remastered, and The Fabled Woods; Overwatch gets Reflex

The new Nvidia DLSS-enabled video games also include the System Shock remake demo. Here is everything we know about the new Nvidia announcements about DLSS and Reflex.

Nvidia has just shared a number of new announcements regarding its in-house technologies, Nvidia DLSS and Nvidia Reflex. As per the announcements, the company is adding DLSS support to three new video games to bring higher frame rates. These new DLSS titles come just weeks after the company rolled out the support for Nioh 2, Mount & Blade II Bannerlord, and Unreal Engine 4. The new Nvidia DLSS-enabled video games include Crysis Remastered and System Shock remake demo. In addition, the upcoming video game, The Fabled Woods will support DLSS at launch when it lands on March 25. Besides this, the company has also added Reflex support to Overwatch. Here is everything we know about the new Nvidia announcements.

Nvidia DLSS support comes to three new titles; details

According to the announcement, the company outlined the reason behind bringing DLSS support to these new titles. Of the three titles, two titles got DLSS support because of the native DLSS support for Unreal Engine 4.26. Nvidia outlined that due to this native integration with the help of a plugin, game developers quickly added DLSS support to their games. This also means that System Shock Remake Demo and The Fabled Woods developers became the first Unreal Engine-powered games to support native DLSS. As noted in the past, DLSS brings higher frame rates at larger resolutions with the help of AI. However, users do need GeForce RTX GPUs to take advantage of DLSS 2.0 support.


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Talking about the improvements, Nvidia DLSS can likely double the frame rates at 4K from 114fps to 223fps. As per the benchmarks, RTX 2080 Ti can increase the fps from 70 to 147, RTX 3060 from 45 to 96, and more. Nvidia also stated that “every single GeForce RTX” GPU can offer more than 144fps with the help of DLSS at 2K resolution. Similarly, RTX 3060 Ti and above can offer more than 50fps at 4K resolution. The RTX 3090 can push things from 38fps to 99fps. The game is set to launch on March 25.

DLSS support on Crysis Remastered ensures that the game can get benefits of hardware-based ray tracing features and more. This means that the game performs “significantly faster” “and even faster” with Nvidia DLSS. These three titles bring the total number of DLSS supported video games to “nearly 40”. Finally, the company has also added Nvidia Reflex technology to Overwatch to ensure reduced latency. This support is currently available on the Public Test Region server and claims to reduce latency by “up to 50 percent”.