Sony PS5 update enables game storage on external media; brings improvements for HDR, 120Hz

Right before rolling out the update, the company also shared a dedicated post with all the changes one could expect. Here is everything we know about the Sony PS5 update here including some surprise fixes and the restock in India.

Sony has just released a new software update for its latest generation console lineup, the PlayStation 5 series. The company is calling this the “April Update” for the PS5 gaming console. Besides, Sony also stated that this is the first major software update for the PS5 lineup. Right before rolling out the update, the company also shared a dedicated post with all the changes one could expect. However, the update also brought some surprise updates regarding HDR and 120Hz. This came right after another report stated that the second wave of COVID-19 will likely impact the PS5 restock. Here is everything we know about the Sony PS5 update here including some surprise fixes and the restock in India.

Sony PS5 April 2021 update out; details

The latest Sony PS5 update brings the long-awaited storage features for buyers. According to the announcement post, users can store their games on external storage including USB drives. But the company has still not rolled out storage expansion support through M.2 drives available inside the console. Sony is currently working on the feature and will share its progress in future announcements. In addition, one should also note that this update does not allow users to play the games stored on external storage. This means that they must move games around to play all the download games across internal and external storage. Sony also stated the obvious that it is much faster to reinstall a game from USB storage than redownloading.

Sony PS5 external storage support

Besides the updates for external storage, PS5 users also got a new “cross-generation Share Play”. This feature allows PS5 users to share their console screen with PS4 owners. The PS4 owners can also try out PS5 games with the help of the feature “and vice versa”. The update also brings the “Request to Join” feature so that your friends and family on PS4 or PS5 can send a request to join your game. Sony has also improved the “Game Base” menu so that players can quickly access important features like switching between parties and friends.

Other elements include the ability to quickly disable the in-game chat or change the volume of the voice chat. Sony has also rolled out pre-downloads to enable updates of the installed titles on the console. This feature will allow PlayStation 5 console to pre-download the updates if the user has enabled “automatic updates” in the settings. The announcement post also includes the ability to customize the game library, “Screen Zoom”, and a new screen for Trophy stats and settings.

Some surprise improvements for PlayStation 5 and new features in the PS smartphone app

As noted above, the new console update also brings some surprise improvements around HDR and 120Hz refresh rate. According to a report from The Verge, the update brings a new option that allows users to push HDR signals to connected displays only when supported. This means that players don’t need to dive into settings to disable HDR when playing SDR content. The update also brings a new HDMI option called “One-Touch Play” in the PlayStation 5 console settings section. This feature allows the console to automatically turn on a connected TV when the user powers on the console.

PlayStation 5 April 2021 update new HDMI, HDR options

Players can also enable the “Power Off Link” option that turns off the connected TV when your console enters the rest mode. Talking about 120Hz support, this update enables support for 1080p resolution PC monitors with a 120Hz refresh rate. However, the console still does not support Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) support. A report from GameSpot also noted that the update also fixes the noise that the console disc drive would make during operation. Now, the console is quieter after the new update when compared to the post-update. The report did note that the disc activity itself has not reduced after the update, but the noise is.

Finally, the company will also update its smartphone app, the PS App in the coming weeks. The update will bring the ability to join “multiplayer session” directly from the app. Players can also manage the storage on their PS5 console directly from the app. Other new features include the ability to “compare trophy collections with” your friends and family. Users can also filter and sort out the products available in the PlayStation Store.

The second wave of COVID-19 affects India PS5 restock, Digital version likely coming soon

In addition to the new update, a report from IGN India also shared some new information around the PlayStation 5 restock in India. The report noted that the second wave of COVID-19 and the associated lockdown in parts of the country have affected the restock. One should note that the fresh stock for PS5 has already landed in India and it will likely be “substantial”. Like the situation last year, Sony distribution partners and retailers are currently waiting for clarification from the government regarding the sale of “non-essential goods”.

The report also noted that Sony may be gearing up to bring the digital version of PS5 to the market. Jai Ganesh Games, a Thane-based retailer had shared that the PS5 series was “Coming Soon!” but later took down the post. The retailer later stated that it was “waiting for ‘necessary information” and the post went out due to a “technical error”.