ESPL 2021: How to win the Free Fire game in ESports Premier League 2021

The registration for Esports Premier League (ESPL) 2021 is open, you can register for this flagship esports tournament on the website. Let's check out some of the Free Fire tips and tricks can use in the tournament.

India Today Gaming, an esports and gaming news website has announced the launch of the flagship esports event 'ESports Premier League 2021'. It is one of the largest esports featuring the most famous battle royale game Free Fire for the teams based in India. ESPL 2021 which is a multi-city event has a massive prize pool of 25 lakh. You can check the detailed info on their in-house esports platform. ESPL 2021 is announced for the free fire teams based in India. The registration for the tournament is open, let's check how one can register for this flagship esports tournament here.

Free Fire is one of the most loved battle royale mobile games all over the globe. It is a fast-paced game where a total of 50 players land on a remote island. In squad mode, each team consists of a group of 4 players who play together to survive on the island. The players search for weapons, stay in the play zone, loot the enemies, and become the last man standing. ESPL 2021 is less than 2 weeks to go, and each squad is creating strategies to win the title. Today we have listed a few tips and tricks you can implement to win matches in the ESPL 2021.


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Choose the right character

Free Fire gives players the option to choose from a large variety of character pools. Thus, this leads to a lot of confusion within the team. The players could not pick the right character for the right map. You should always choose the character based on the team's play style. Whether you want a healer, scouter, supporter, or damaged character for the team. Each member of the squad should fix a particular role in the team and take the character according to the need of the game.

Correct location to land on the map

Free Fire Map for ESPL 2021

Selecting the best place on the map to land in the game increases the chance of the squad to survive till the last zone. As the players land on the map without any items. It is necessary to land at that part of the map where there is no nearby enemy. You should have enough time to run through the area for weapons, healing items, ammunition, and protective gear. Select a place where you could find all these items easily.

Standing still will get you killed

This is one of the most important tricks while getting into a team fight. The moment you stop moving, the easier it will get for the enemy to take you down. It is seen that the players who standstill in a gunfight get killed faster as compared to the players who keep moving in the fight. When in a team fight, try to move in a zig-zag direction, keep jumping, which decreases the enemies shooting accuracy. Try to shoot the enemy while moving through the area.

Always keep cover nearby

The best way to win any fight is to keep your character to the nearby cover. The cover could be any type where you can hide your character from heavy gunfire. The game has plenty of areas to cover your characters such as buildings, stones, walls, and much more. You can also hide under the bush if you can't find any cover. Just wait for the perfect time and kill all your enemies. If you want more such types of Free Fire games tips and tricks, do let us know. So, gather your squad and join us in the ESports Premier League 2021.