Microsoft announces Xbox Wireless Headset for $100; Xbox director teases exciting updates

The headset will start shipping out on March 16 in the global market while the India launch date is set for October 5. Here is everything we know about the new Xbox Wireless Headset and the upcoming Xbox updates.

Microsoft has just announced a new Xbox accessory on the global stage called the Xbox Wireless Headset. As part of the announcement, the company shared the design, features, availability, and pricing of the headset. The highlight of the product is likely that it will feature spatial audio with support for formats like Windows Sonic, Dolby Atmos, and DTS Headphone: X. Microsoft claims that the product will offer “best-in-class audio and chat performance” paired with “outstanding” and comfortable design.

The Xbox Wireless Headset is priced at $100 and is available for pre-order in select markets across the globe. It will start shipping out on March 16 in the global market while the India launch date is set for October 5. We are still waiting for the official price in India and will update the copy when we get it. In addition, Xbox Director, Jason Ronald also teased some “exciting” updates for the Xbox platform. Let’s check everything we know about the new Xbox Wireless Headset and the upcoming Xbox updates here.

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset announced, details

The company outlined that Xbox Wireless Headset will offer more value and innovation to the price segment in comparison to the competition. Looking at the design, it appears that Microsoft has built upon its Surface Headphones to craft the new headset. The headset comes with large, lightweight polyurethane leather ear-cups, an adjustable headband, and more. There is no flashy RGB and instead, the company has opted for more functional indicator light to outline the status of the microphone. This is to ensure that the headset can blend in the environment regardless of the use.

Microsoft stated that the headset won’t be prone to audio latency or any voice issues. Talking about the voice, to offer “best-in-class audio performance”, the product uses “dual beamforming microphone elements” to differentiate between the speech and ambient sound. The headset is also tuned to isolate the voice so it can just pick up the audio. Other important features include auto-mute when you flip the microphone up, manual mute button, wireless updates. Microsoft also stated that users can fine-tune the audio quality on the headset with the help of the Xbox Accessories app.

Buyers can use the Xbox Wireless Headset with multiple gaming platforms and devices with the help of Bluetooth and Wireless. It works with Windows 10, Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One, smartphones, and more without any dongles or cables. One can even pair the headset with their Xbox and PC at the same time. This means that the headset can be used for gaming as well as work calls. Finally, it also features fast charging where 30 minutes of charge provides 4 hours of use. A complete charge needs 3 hours and offers 15 hours of backup.

Hiding in plain sight

It is also interesting to note that Microsoft showcased the headset back in October 2020 Xbox promo video. However, very few people seemed to notice this around the time. Xbox confirmed this in a tweet right after the announcement for the Xbox Wireless Headset. It is similar to how the company hid the Xbox Series S in plain sight before the launch.

Xbox President teases exciting updates in coming months, details

Finally, President of Program Management at Xbox, Jason Ronald teased several “really exciting” updates “over the coming months. Ronald outlined this in an interview with Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson stating that the company is only starting. However, he stopped shy of revealing the exact details around the updates. Hryb also added to the tease stated, “can’t really say too much” but one can expect “a lot”. It is possible that these could be teasing the public launch of Microsoft xCloud along with firmware updates to improve aspects of the Xbox software.