Ubisoft The Division Heartland announced along with a smartphone game

These announcements are part of the effort to expand the Tom Clancy franchise. Let’s check everything we know about the new The Division announcements including the mobile game that Ubisoft made here.

Ubisoft has just announced “The Division Heartland”, a new free-to-play game set in The Division universe. In addition, it also outlined its plans to bring the franchise to smartphones. These announcements are part of its effort to expand the Tom Clancy franchise. The information about the arrival of a high-profile PC game to the smartphone is not new in recent months. Other recently announced high-profile smartphone games include Battlefield Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile, and more.

The Division Mobile is part of the new multimedia lineup that Ubisoft announced. This includes content for existing titles, a novel, and a Netflix movie. Ubisoft also thanked the fans noted that the reception for The Division has “exceeded” their “expectations”. The game publisher and developer also shared a roadmap around the release of the recently announced content. Let’s check everything we know around the new The Division-related announcements including The Division Mobile that Ubisoft made here.

Ubisoft announces its plans to expand The Division franchise including a smartphone game

Before we talk about The Division Mobile, let’s quickly recap the announcements that Ubisoft made around the franchise. Ubisoft stated that its Red Storm studio will develop The Division Heartland as a standalone game. This means that players don’t need to experience the first two parts of the game to follow the story.  Alain Corre, the Executive Director at Ubisoft stated that Heartland “will provide an all-new perspective on the universe in a new setting.” The game is set to release sometime in 2021 or 22 and it will be available on PC, consoles, and the cloud. It also shared the line where interested players can take part in the “early test phases” during the development of the game.

Corre revealed that the company wants to bring “the universe to an even wider audience” with The Division Mobile. Ubisoft will share more details around the game “at a later date”. As noted above, the company is preparing to release new content for The Division 2 including a “new game mode”. Players will also get a revamped method to level up their agents. The Netflix film will be “inspired” by the events that took place in the first game and it will star Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain.