Microsoft xCloud streaming app for Windows features touch controls, possible 1080p resolution

Details about the web version of this service leaked on the internet last month showcasing what we can expect in terms of functionality. Here is everything new about Microsoft xCloud and its Windows app.

Microsoft is currently testing its Xbox game streaming service, xCloud for the web internally before the anticipated public beta release. Details about this service leaked on the internet last month showcasing what we can expect in terms of functionality. However, just a few weeks later, some new information has surfaced regarding xCloud. This time, details about the Windows 10 app for xCloud have leaked outlining some of the new features available. Microsoft has also likely increased the streaming resolution for games from 720p to 1080p. Here is everything new about the clouding gaming service Microsoft xCloud and its Windows app that surfaced online.

Microsoft xCloud Windows app features leaked, details

According to a report from The Verge, the Windows app for Microsoft xCloud app will feature full touch support. This means players can use the app to game on Windows devices with touch-input support. The report clarified that this app is different from the current Xbox Console Companion app. In addition, the xCloud app will combine cloud gaming and local game streaming functionality from your Xbox console in the same app. However, it looks like one can only use one function at any given time. It is also worth noting that this app is similar to the xCloud Windows app that leaked a few months back.

The xCloud portion of the app is not working at the time of writing for people who manage to find and install the app. However, the local game streaming feature works almost identical to how it would work on the Xbox Console Companion app. This app also supports local game streaming from the newer, Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, unlike the Companion app.

As noted above, the xCloud cloud gaming portion of the app also comes with resolution improvements. A report from Windows Central outlined the first set of screenshots that confirm 1080p resolution, up from 720p. This is likely due to the shift from Xbox One, up to Xbox Series X for the cloud gaming infrastructure. Microsoft already outlined this in a report last year. This brings xCloud in part with other services like Google Stadia when it comes to game stream resolution.