Nvidia releases driver update for Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition; Call of Duty gets DLSS support

Looking at DLSS updates Nvidia also rolling out native support to two new titles. Let’s check everything we know around the latest Nvidia update with Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition and Call of Duty DLSS support.

Nvidia has just shared new announcements regarding its AI-powered Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) 2.0 Technology. In addition, it also rolled out a new Game-Ready driver update with support for the upcoming Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition. This is the first Ray Tracing-only title in the PC gaming space with a May 6 release date. It means that one needs RTX GPUs to run the game and there is no option to turn off Ray Tracing.

We also got to know other details around the title including price, availability details, and more. Looking at the DLSS technology updates, Nvidia is rolling out native DLSS support to two new titles. These titles include Call of Duty Warzone and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Let’s check everything we know around the Nvidia update with Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition and Call of Duty DLSS support.

Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition coming soon as Nvidia launches a new Game-Ready driver

First up, let’s talk about the new Nvidia Game-Ready Driver update with support for Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition. Considering that the initial version of the game was “one of the first” to use ray tracing and DLSS 1.0, players will get more ray-tracing effects along with DLSS 2.0 in the Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition. As noted above, the new title will release on the international stage on May 6.

4A Games, the developer behind the PC Enhanced Edition stated that the title will be available on Epic Games Store, Steam, Windows Store, and GOG store at launch. It also stated that the new Edition will be available as a free upgrade for existing Metro Exodus owners. Finally, the release of this version will only be available limited to Windows. Mac users can play the title with the help of GeForce NOW.

Base version of the upcoming title will amount to 72.2GB while The Two Colonels will be around 1GB. Sam’s Story will take about 6.4GB while the total game will occupy about 80GB. The developer also stated that it has no plans to work on a Ray Tracing version of Metro Redux at the time of writing. In addition to Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition support, one also gets DLSS and Ray-Tracing support for two more upcoming titles. These games include Mass Effect Legendary Edition and Resident Evil Village.

Call of Duty titles now feature DLSS 2.0 update support

Moving to the rest of the DLSS announcements, Nvidia is rolling out the support to Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare. DLSS 2.0 support on these two titles comes days after Naraka: Bladepoint, Outriders, and Mortal Shell. Native DLSS support will ensure that gamers can play games at a faster frame rate with the help of AI. Nvidia stated that one can expect “up to 70%” performance improvement at 4K resolution.