Reliance Jio will likely bring AAA PC games to its cloud gaming service this year; all we know

The scope of the cloud gaming service also includes smartphone games and more. Let’s check everything new that just surfaced regarding Reliance Jio cloud gaming service here.

Reliance Jio seems to be engaging with several game developers and publishers on the global stage. As part of the engagement and conversations, the company is likely hoping to build a significant library of AAA games. Looking at some reports online, Jio is looking to acquire quality PC games from game developers and publishers. This drive seems to be aimed at its rumored cloud gaming service that will launch after its 5G connectivity goes online. It is worth noting that this cloud gaming service will not be limited to PC games. The scope of the service also includes smartphone games and more. Let’s check everything new that just surfaced regarding Reliance Jio and its cloud gaming service here.

Reliance Jio cloud gaming service may offer AAA video games for PC

The details about this service and plans to add PC games to the fold first landed in an IGN India report. This report noted that Reliance Jio is looking to launch the service “this year itself”. Jio has not shared any information now but we could see teasers and official announcements at the 2021 AGM. The report also highlighted how the strategy of acquiring content from global game publishers is different from how Jio has positioned itself for the gaming content on its JioPhone lineup.

As outlined in the report, the new information is in line with the statements that Reliance Jio execs have shared online. Ashish Gupta, the General Manager and Lead Games Ecosystem for Jio Platform recently shared a statement at Gamescom India Games Market Bootcamp. Gupta noted that the company is “coming up with cloud gaming functionality” where gamers can play games on smartphones, set-top boxes, and “continue on PC.” He reaffirmed that Reliance Jio is “trying” to push this service “after” the 5G launch.

Beyond the launch of the service, Gupta also wants to ensure that the content is engaging for the gamers. This will ensure that Reliance Jio can achieve desirable results through its cloud gaming service. Besides, it is not the first time that the company has shared its vision for Cloud Gaming. The company first teased the service back in 2019 with a short demo of FIFA 19. Past reports have also stated that Jio was working with Microsoft to bring its cloud gaming and streaming service, xCloud to India. However, focusing on its in-house cloud gaming service seems to signify a shift in its stance.